When Can You Expect to Start to Collect Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

Injured person filling out a work injury claim form

One of the benefits that the workers’ compensation laws are supposed to provide workers is more timely access to benefits, as you don’t have to go through all the procedures tied to a personal injury lawsuit. But what does that mean—when can you actually expect to start collecting benefits?

The Waiting Period to Collect

You can’t actually file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits until your injury has kept you out of work for at least one calendar week. Once you do file, though, you will receive payments retroactive to the date of your injury (if your application is approved). The waiting period, though, only applies to compensation for lost wages—you don’t have to wait to seek medical treatment.

When Will Payments Actually Start?

In the best of all possible worlds, you won’t likely receive your first payment for at least two weeks, as the workers’ compensation insurance company needs time required to process, evaluate and approve your claim. If your claim is challenged, you won’t see any payments until the dispute is resolved. Nonetheless, your employer and the workers’ compensation insurance company cannot intentionally delay your claim. Under the New Jersey workers’ compensation law, a delay of more than 30 days may be considered unreasonable (provided there are no legitimate challenges to your claim) and the insurance provider and/or your employer can be fined an additional 25% penalty for wrongful delay.

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