Is a Lump Sum Settlement an Option in Your Workers’ Comp Case?

Workers’ compensation is typically paid out as a weekly benefit based on a percentage of your average weekly wage within certain limits. In some situations, however, a so-called Section 20 settlement will be an option worth considering. If you have questions about the possibility of settling your New Jersey workers’ compensation claim with a single cash payment, contact the experienced attorneys at Taylor & Boguski, LLC , in Mount Laurel.

Section 20 Settlements Are Only Available in Contested Cases

Section 20 of the Workers’ Compensation Act allows lump sum settlement of workers’ compensation claims in certain contested cases. For example, there must be a dispute between the applicant and the insurer over a workers’ compensation issue such as the following:

  • Whether the disabling injury resulted from a job-related accident
  • Whether the disabling injury or illness resulted from ongoing occupational exposure to a stress or toxic substance
  • The nature and extent of a claimed permanent injury

Our lawyers can give you a good idea of the advisability of a lump sum settlement in your case. Based on a careful evaluation of your medical records, your subjective complaints of pain or limited range of motion, the strength of the opposing arguments and our experience with past cases with similar facts, we will let you know whether the benefits of a cash settlement outweigh the downside risks.

If you accept a Section 20 settlement, you will not be able to get future related medical expenses covered if you suffer a relapse or aggravate the injury. You will also waive your right to reopen your case if your condition worsens in the future. On the other hand, you will not need to worry about early termination of your workers’ compensation benefits or disputes over every detail of your medical treatment or benefits claim.

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Our goal is to give you the facts and advice necessary to make the best decision you can for yourself in an eligible case, and then do whatever we can to settle your case for the maximum amount possible. Then we present your case for court approval. Attorney’s fees in a lump sum settlement are capped by statute, just as they are on other workers’ compensation claims.

To find out more about the benefits and risks of settling your contested claim for a lump sum under Section 20 of the Workers’ Compensation Act, contact Taylor & Boguski in Mount Laurel for a free consultation.

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