Resolving Child Custody and Visitation Problems in Divorce

Disputes between parents over issues of child custody and parenting time can often be the most difficult issues to resolve in a divorce case. Many parents feel threatened by the possibility of a diminished role in their children’s lives, and in some situations, there is good reason for these concerns.

The partners of Taylor & Boguski, LLC , combine more than 65 years of experience on family law issues across a wide range of situations. We can help you understand how the facts of your situation affect your interests as a parent. In most cases, we can develop negotiation or litigation strategies that will protect your relationship with your children without the need for lengthy, expensive and stressful courtroom battles.

Determining the Best Interests of the Children in Custody Disputes

New Jersey law recognizes that children have an important interest in a substantial and stable relationship with both parents. As a result, both parents are presumed to share equal rights and responsibilities for the physical custody and care of their children after divorce . Any disputes between the parents as to matters of primary residence, visitation schedules or other basics of legal or physical custody are to be resolved with the best interests of the children in mind.

In other words, if a judge is asked to resolve a child custody issue between the parents, the decision should reflect the court’s judgment as to what is best for the children involved rather than in choosing between the preferences of each parent. Our attorneys can help you understand how a judge will likely view your situation in terms of your children’s best interests and develop negotiation and litigation strategies accordingly.

In some situations, difficult questions as to a parent’s mental health, substance abuse problems or history of family violence can shift the presumption away from shared responsibility between the parents. Our lawyers represent parents on either side of custody disputes that are complicated by parental fitness issues.

If you need to defend your fitness as a mother or father from an attack by the other parent, we have the experience necessary to present your strengths as a parent in the most positive light possible. Additionally, we can expose false or exaggerated accusations for what they are. If necessary, we can also guide you toward counseling or therapy programs that can help you overcome the personal problems that can interfere with your parental responsibilities.

Resolving Custody Problems Related to Parental Relocation Proposals

Some parental disputes arise after the divorce, when the parent with primary child custody proposes to move out of state. These cases can be very complex, and courts are reluctant to approve parental relocation plans that would significantly interfere with a noncustodial parent’s visitation interests. If you have questions about a relocation proposal, our attorneys can advise you about the most effective ways to balance and resolve the competing interests.

Taylor & Boguski advises divorcing parents, unmarried parents and parents after divorce who need advice about child custody and visitation issues. Contact us in Mount Laurel to learn how we can expand your options and find a satisfactory resolution of your problem.

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