Parental Relocation in New Jersey

An increasing number of New Jersey parents are seeking to relocate with their children out of state. They move for various reasons. These include relocating to advance a career, attend an out-of-state college, move nearer to family for support, or due to remarriage with the new spouse living out of state.

Whether you seeking to relocate with your child and are an unmarried parent with the other parent living in New Jersey, or you are married and going through a divorce, or you are a parent who has divorced and is now seeking to move out of state, the process can be complex.

In New Jersey, the courts recognize that there are valid reasons for people to move, but a parent cannot relocate with a child without having the other parent’s agreement in writing and the family court judge’s agreement. The move must not be detrimental to the involved child or children.

Generally, a move like this involves the custodial parent moving away from the noncustodial mother or father. A major concern of noncustodial parents is that they will not be able to have the time they need or want to truly parent their child.

In any move-away case, your attorneys and the judge be looking at parental relocation solutions that continue to foster strong parent-child bonds with both parents, despite a move out of state. Parent time and visitation will need to be reevaluated.

With Skype and other emerging technology, new ways to connect with family members may also become part of a relocation arrangement. Attorneys and parents need to get creative in order to make situations like these work.

At the law office of Taylor and Boguski, in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, we have extensive experience helping parents address the issues involved in relocating a family.

New Jersey family law judges look at these types of issues when they are reviewing a relocation case:

How will the parent-child bond of the non-moving parent be sustained?
How far away is the custodial parent moving?
Will the time that the child spends with either parent be impacted?
Is it possible and feasible for the other parent to relocate so he or she can be nearby to the child?
Is the other parent seeking to relocate in good faith or with the goal of alienating the child from the other parent?
How will costs for the child or the parent to visit be addressed?

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