Chronic Injury Claims in New Jersey Workers’ Compensation

The right to collect workers’ compensation for a work-related medical condition is not limited to accidents on the job that result in fractures or other traumatic injuries. You might be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you suffer from a chronic condition such as repetitive stress disorder, pain that interferes with your ability to work or degenerative problems that involve serious swelling, inflammation or interference with nerve function. Workers’ compensation is available to support your recovery during the period away from work necessary to resolve chronic medical problems that will not go away on their own.

Contact the law firm of Taylor & Boguski in Mount Laurel if your problem with repetitive stress or other chronic disorders keep you from working. With decades of experience with New Jersey workers’ compensation claims, Social Security disability insurance applications and appeals, and personal injury negligence litigation, our lawyers can find the right solution for your situation.

Taylor & Boguski represents people whose repetitive stress problems developed or became aggravated in a variety of occupational settings, including:

  • Manufacturing and assembly work
  • Office and clerical work
  • Freight handling and warehouse work
  • Long-haul or local driving
  • Home health care, hospital or nursing home work

Like other workers’ compensation claims, the key issue in repetitive stress cases can often be whether we can prove that the damage to your wrist, elbow, shoulder, knee or back is directly related to stresses that go along with your job. We know how aging, past injuries and other medical conditions can increase the physical damage from stresses that the claimant’s body could at one time tolerate.

Relating Chronic Medical Conditions to Occupational Causes

In a contested repetitive stress claim under the New Jersey workers’ compensation system, the insurer will often try to show that the cause of the injury relates more to non-work-related causes. Our experience with the proof of repetitive stress claims from carpal tunnel or cubital tunnel problems to degenerative disc disease can help you overcome the workers’ compensation insurer’s objections.

In the most severe cases, where a period of rest or convalescence from surgery will not be enough to clear you for work, our experience with the Social Security disability claims process can help you get access to additional benefits if we can prove that your injury is bad enough to disable you from work for at least one year.

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