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The law firm of Taylor & Boguski encourages the use of confidential mediation in matrimonial disputes. While divorce always has disagreements, they can often be worked out in a non-confrontational manner without the stress of litigation.

The State University of New Jersey Law School at Rutgers has certified Michael A. Taylor as a divorce mediator

As a certified mediator, attorney Michael Taylor has extensive experience working with married couples who prefer to mediate their divorce settlement in a less confrontational manner. Divorce can exact an emotional toll on individuals and families. Mr. Taylor has the experience and patience to work with both individuals to reach a fair settlement between the two parties. He has represented and helped many clients reach agreements that meet their needs. We can often help you find solutions in a less adversarial manner than traditional legal processes.

Divorce can be costly and time-consuming. Divorce mediation law can resolve disputes before they reach the stage of litigation and trial. The process of divorce mediation (sometimes referred to as family mediation) is a less time-intensive and more inexpensive alternative to traditional divorce settlement or litigation. The rules of court proceedings are relaxed and the process is less formal.

Mediation offers solutions in divorce settlement cases in the South Jersey area. An objective third-party mediator, such as our attorney Michael Taylor, who has been approved by the court, helps negotiate mutually acceptable solutions to all issues surrounding the clients’ dissolution of marriage, including spousal support, child support, child custody, visitation and distribution of assets and liabilities.

Our law firm also handles prenuptial, post-nuptial, and legal separation agreements.

Taylor & Boguski is here to help. Our goal is to assist you in achieving a satisfactory outcome. A mutually agreed settlement often helps preserve relationships after the divorce is finalized, which is not only in the interest of our clients, but their families and children as well.

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