Verdict & Settlements

$1.4 million settlement. Corrections office sustained injuries to low back and as a result was forced to retire.

$1.1 million settlement. Motor vehicle accident caused brain injury and injuries to neck and back.

$800,000 jury verdict. Verdict obtained for husband and wife when husband was struck from behind in motor vehicle accident that caused injuries to the husband’s back and shoulder.

$550,000 settlement. Medical malpractice for failure to diagnose and control high blood pressure.

$400,000 settlement. Medical malpractice for failure to diagnose and treat kidney disease.

$300,000 settlement. Father and daughter injured in motor vehicle accident when their vehicle was struck in an intersection. Injuries to neck and back.

$300,000 settlement. Motor vehicle accident caused by a tractor trailer on the highway at night without its lights on. Driver of vehicle sustained a brain injury.

$270,000 settlement. Police officer injured while effecting an arrest. Injuries to neck and shoulder.

$250,000 settlement. Homeowner’s unrestrained dog caused knee and back injuries to owner’s visitor.

$215,000 settlement. Child bitten by a neighbor’s dog. Severe scarring of the arm.

$165,000 settlement. Department store clothing rack malfunction caused injuries to customer’s shoulder, back and thumb.

$107,500 settlement. Child struck in the face by an object thrown by a neighbor child while playing with the child. Dental injuries.

$100,000 settlement. Child thrown from a horse during riding lessons. Injury was partial amputation of a finger.

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