Presenting Your Defense against New Jersey DWI Charges

With some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the nation, New Jersey makes it very difficult for a driver charged with drunk driving to avoid a driver’s license suspension upon conviction.

Even a first offense of driving while under the influence of alcohol with blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading between .08 and .10 percent will result in a three-month suspension with no provision for driving to and from work. To keep your driving privileges in place when facing New Jersey DWI charges, you need to be able to dismiss, reduce or defeat the case against you. To learn how skilled and experienced defense attorneys can defend you in a drunk driving case, contact the law firm of Taylor & Boguski, LLC , in Mount Laurel.

Attacking the Evidence in Drunk Driving Cases

Our named partners have more than 65 years of combined trial experience, and we know how to evaluate the evidence in terms of what the prosecution needs to prove against you in a drunk driving case. In many situations, we can challenge the traffic stop and the arrest on the basis of insufficient grounds to pull your car over or lack of probable cause to arrest you for DUI. In some cases, we can challenge the results of the BAC test or the arresting officer’s field sobriety observations to attack the evidence of intoxication.

Especially in cases where the BAC reading is just over .08 or .10 percent, our lawyers can work toward a dismissal or reduction of the charge based on problems with the prosecution’s toxicology evidence. For drivers over 21, a conviction of DWI depends on proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant’s blood alcohol level was at least .08 percent, with longer suspensions and increased penalties imposed for BAC readings over .10 percent. In borderline cases, we can often show that the evidence is too unreliable to support a conviction at the high end of the margin.

Our decades of experience with DUI and DWI defense in the municipal courts of South Jersey represent a significant advantage for drivers charged with drunk driving offenses of various kinds and under a wide range of circumstances, including:

  • First – offense DWI charges
  • Repeat drunk driving offenses with increased penalties for a second or third DWI conviction
  • Drunk driving cases involving juveniles or drivers under age 21, when the prosecution only needs to prove any measurable alcohol in the driver’s system
  • Drunk driving charges against holders of commercial driver’s licenses
  • New Jersey DWI charges against residents of other states
  • Underage alcohol offenses, such as open container violations or a minor in possession
  • DWI charges based on drugs rather than alcohol
  • Implied consent violations based on the driver’s refusal to submit to alcohol or drug testing
  • Indictable offenses related to traffic accidents, especially those resulting in death or serious injury

Our lawyers’ detailed understanding of New Jersey DWI law and municipal court procedure can help you identify, develop and present the most effective defense available under the facts of your case.

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To learn more about your legal options and the defense strategies that will be most effective in your DWI case, contact Taylor & Boguski in Mount Laurel.

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