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Home Insurance lawsuits

Homeowner’s insurance coverage in event of a natural disaster is quickly becoming an important aspect to homeownership in the tri-state area. Most standard homeowners and commercial property policies do not cover flood losses. In order to get coverage flood damage, consumers must purchase a separate policy through the National Flood Insurance Program. Homeowners and business owners in high risk flood zone areas are required by law to purchase federal flood insurance if they have mortgages from a federally supported lender such as a bank. Without a mortgage, there is no bank requirement that the homeowner purchases flood insurance. When looking to blame an insurance agent for failure to warn homeowners about flood insurance, court cases look into the specific discussions that occur between the agent and the client. In New Jersey, courts have decided that policyholders can rely on their brokers’ knowledge in certain circumstance. In fact, they don’t even have to read their policy to be protected.
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Before buying a homeowner’s insurance policy, it is important to understand the way homeowner’s insurance works, identify the kind of policy and coverage you really need, and compare different policies to find the best values. New Jersey State law regarding homeowners insurance gives consumers the information they need to know about their policies. However, it is important to speak to an experienced attorney to get advice and guidance when your policy fails to provide coverage and fails to take into account what the policy covers.

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What to do when handed a traffic ticket

The Bloomfield Municipal Court in Bloomfield, New Jersey has identified various scenarios and guidelines when an individual is given a traffic ticket. For example, if you have received a summons that was issued by a Police Officer or State Trooper and wish to contest the allegations, it is best to contact the Violations Bureau by phone or in writing before the date that appears on the Summons. In this communication, it is prudent to address that you wish to contest the Summons and enter a plea of “not guilty.” The first appearance after a “not guilty” plea is then scheduled in which a conference will take place with the Township Prosecutor. The Police Officer or Trooper may not be notified to appear on that date, and if a resolution is not determined then the matter will be sent for trial by the Court.

Another example includes when an individual is not satisfied when found guilty or pleading guilty of a traffic offense or criminal offense. If a person is not satisfied with the court’s finding or the sentence imposed then that person can appeal to the Superior Court of New Jersey. This is known as a “Trial De Novo” before a Superior Court Judge.
The court will refer to the transcript of the hearing that took place. The individual will need to pay for the cost of the transcript and file the correct forms provided by the Municipal Violations Bureau within twenty (20) days of the date of your conviction and/or sentence.

If a person fails to appear to a court appearance, fails to notify the Court of a new address, fails to pay a fine, or even fail to follow what is directed in a Summons then a court can order a Bench Warrant for your arrest, suspend your driver’s license and registration privileges, as well as even impose additional sanctions for noncompliance.
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Spouses being Equal after Divorce

It is often common for many men after a divorce to feel like they got the lesser end of the agreement in a divorce settlement. They also have to struggle to maintain their parenting rights with respect to their children. Courts tend to favor mothers to make a child’s life “less complicated,” or “less stressful.” Statistically, only 10% of fathers are awarded primary custody and 20% receive joint custody. As a result, the majority of primary custody holders are the mothers. Thus, the parent of primary residence (PPR) and parent of alternate residence (PAR) appear to be wherever the mother lives. Many believe this to be skewed, since it seems inappropriate to refer to either home as “primary,” and some people find it healthier to say that there are two homes for a child of divorce. Full article.

Some helpful child support links to help you in the even that you become a custodial parent are: US Department of Health & Human Services, Administration For Children & Families, and the New Jersey judiciary system for New Jersey Child Support Guidelines

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