What to Do When Your Employer Won’t Submit Your Workers’ Compensation Claim


You’ve been hurt on the job and you’ve notified your employer as soon as possible. But your employer is just sitting on it, refusing or simply failing to pass your claim on to the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. You need the benefits, as you can’t work. What are your options?

Obviously, one of the most beneficial things you can do is hire an experienced and aggressive workers’ compensation attorney. But there are things you can do before or after you’ve retained counsel:

  • Contact the workers’ compensation insurance company directly—Put together all medical records, get statements from witnesses, make copies and send everything to the workers’ compensation insurance company. Notify them of the date of the accident and the date you notified your employer. Follow up with a phone call and keep calling until someone takes action.
  • Contact the state of New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation—If you don’t want to have to deal with your employer or the workers’ compensation insurance company, you can contact the state workers’ compensation office directly. You’ll need proof that your company had workers’ compensation insurance—this proof is required to be posted in a prominent place at your workplace. If you can’t find that, contact the Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau. Bureau officials will be able to tell you if your employer complied with the law (requiring workers’ compensation insurance), as well as what company is providing the workers’ compensation coverage.

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