How Do I Help My Attorney Prepare for a Workers’ Compensation Hearing?


In the aftermath of a work-related injury, your first course of action will typically be to seek benefits through the state’s Workers’ Compensation system. It’s not uncommon for an initial claim to be denied, requiring that you attend to hearing with a Workers’ Compensationjudge to appeal your petition. Here are some ways that you can help your lawyer prepare for that hearing.

A critical component of your case will be your medical records. Your attorney will want to clearly show the judge the extent of your injury, the treatment required and any tests or procedures necessary to diagnose your condition. In most instances, you will be examined by a doctor chosen by the Workers’ Compensation insurance company, but you can also be treated by your own physician. Make certain you tell the same thing to all medical professionals. Be certain that you address anything that is out of the ordinary, and ask that the doctor document everything in writing.

Because the amount of your benefits will depend, in part, on your earnings before the accident, you will need to provide evidence of your average weekly wage for the last 52 weeks. This can come from pay stubs or from a W-2.

In addition, your attorney will want to meet with anyone who was a witness to your injury. Be sure to get names and contact information for anyone at your place of employment who saw what happened.

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