When you have been injured at work in New Jersey, your exclusive remedy will typically be through a workers’ compensation claim. It’s often referred to as the “grand bargain,” as it is designed to benefit both employers and employees. Business owners (and workers’ compensation insurance companies) don’t have to worry about large damage claims from a judge or jury because the workers’ compensation laws establish specific payouts. Workers generally have access to compensation more quickly, as they don’t have to go through all the procedures involved in a lawsuit.

At its best, it’s a straightforward and simple system—you see a doctor, get a medical opinion that you’ve suffered an injury and can’t work. You file your claim, continue to see the doctor regularly, and receive temporary benefits until you can return to work, or permanent benefits if you can’t go back to your job.

Workers’ compensation insurance companies, though, take a completely different view of your claim. It’s all about their bottom line, and the way they maximize their bottom line is to minimize what they pay you. It’s how their business model works. They charge premiums, which represents the bulk of their income. In order to maximize their profits, they need to maximize income and minimize expenses. The more they pay out in claims, the less profit they’ll show at the end of the year.

So it’s really in the workers’ comp insurance company’s best interests to make the process difficult for you. They may refuse to pay for necessary testing, or they may allege that you can return to work, or that your injury is less serious that you know it is. That’s why you need an experienced and aggressive workers’ compensation attorney to protect your rights.

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