Icy stepsIn New Jersey, as in all states, the owner/manager/resident of residential or commercial property has a duty to maintain the premises in such a way as to minimize the risk of injury to anyone legally on the property. This obligation has far-reaching consequences, including:

Upkeep to Prevent Risk of Injury from Slips and Falls

A landlord, tenant, owner or property manager must keep property maintained so as to avoid dangerous conditions that may lead to slips, trips and falls. This includes monitoring for slippery substances on floors, sidewalks, steps or walkways. It also includes watching for broken or damaged stairs, concrete, pavement, ramps or other structures. The duty requires that the responsible party take reasonable steps to be aware of potential dangers. The landlord/tenant/owner/property manager must either fix the problem or provide adequate notice of the danger, so that it can be avoided.

Adequate Security and Lighting to Minimize Risk of Injury in Physical Attacks

In situations where it is reasonable to expect a threat of mugging, attack or other physical violence, the owner/manager/landlord must put appropriate measures in place to minimize that risk, including adequate lighting, security entrances, gates and fencing. Particularly where there is a history of violent crime, reasonable steps must be taken to protect legal visitors.

Attention to Weather-Related Conditions to Reduce Risk of Injury

In New Jersey, where snow and ice are a common occurrence, property owners must take reasonable steps to prepare for and respond to weather conditions that pose potential risks to visitors, including:

  • Snow and ice buildup on sidewalks, steps, driveways, parking lots and parking ramps
  • Snow, ice or water runoff from eaves, roofs or other structures

Property Care and Monitoring of Domestic Animals

As a property owner or tenant, you must take reasonable steps to ensure that any domestic animals, such as dogs or cats, do not cause injury to legitimate guests.

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