How to Best Protect Yourself When Divorce is Inevitable

Mother and sonIf you are still married, but it’s clear that the end is near, there are a number of steps you should take to make the process a lot easier on yourself. Here are some of the most important measures.

  • Put together a comprehensive record of your finances—This may be difficult to do, especially if your spouse has taken primary responsibility for financial matters. You may need to contact financial institutions directly, and request documentation from creditors. While you are compiling financial records, request a copy of your credit report and put it in your file.
  • Start saving money, if possible—You will have to pay legal fees as part of the divorce. There may be other expenses as well. In addition, you may have to pay for a new place to live, and to furnish your new residence. The more money you can set aside, the easier it will be to take the final step.
  • Start creating a separate identity—Get yourself a post office box, so that you can communicate with people (such as your lawyer) without the interference or oversight of your spouse. Open your own bank accounts, preferably somewhere other than where you and your spouse have accounts. If possible, get credit cards that are in your name only and contact any existing credit card companies to terminate any cards that have your name on them.
  • Make any necessary changes to estate planning documents—You can execute a new will, declaring any existing will null and void. If you have documents that give your spouse power of attorney or allow him to make medical decisions on your behalf, change those as well.
  • Remove your spouse as a beneficiary on any retirement plans, insurance policies or other financial accounts.

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