Spouses being Equal after Divorce

It is often common for many men after a divorce to feel like they got the lesser end of the agreement in a divorce settlement. They also have to struggle to maintain their parenting rights with respect to their children. Courts tend to favor mothers to make a child’s life “less complicated,” or “less stressful.” Statistically, only 10% of fathers are awarded primary custody and 20% receive joint custody. As a result, the majority of primary custody holders are the mothers. Thus, the parent of primary residence (PPR) and parent of alternate residence (PAR) appear to be wherever the mother lives. Many believe this to be skewed, since it seems inappropriate to refer to either home as “primary,” and some people find it healthier to say that there are two homes for a child of divorce. Full article.

Some helpful child support links to help you in the even that you become a custodial parent are: US Department of Health & Human Services, Administration For Children & Families, and the New Jersey judiciary system for New Jersey Child Support Guidelines

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