Mental or Emotional Injury in New Jersey

Office worker under stressWhen you have suffered a physical injury because of someone else’s carelessness or negligence, the measure of your losses can be pretty straightforward. Things become far more complicated when most of the injury is emotional or psychological. You have a right, though, to pursue damages if the wrongful acts of another person caused you unnecessary stress, anxiety or mental anguish.

The Types of Injuries that Typically Involve Emotional or Psychological Injury

In some situations, the injury is almost exclusively emotional or mental. For example, if you have been subjected to sexual harassment at work, particularly when the harassment results from the creation of a hostile environment based on sex, there may be no physical scars, but the emotional trauma can stay with you for years. You may have suffered no physical injury in an accident, but witnessed great suffering (or even the death) of a loved one.

Often, though, emotional or psychological injury occurs in tandem with physical injury. The disfigurement or permanent scarring resulting from a personal injury may cause you embarrassment, shame or humiliation. After a motor vehicle accident, you may be unable or unwilling to get in a car for a long period of time. It’s not uncommon for most victims of negligence to experience a form of post-traumatic stress disorder after suffering injury because of the carelessness of another person.

The source of emotional, mental or psychological injury can also be physical injury. The human brain is a delicate organ. In almost any type of trauma, from a motor vehicle accident to a slip and fall, there is risk that you will either injure or damage your brain, even when you have little or no other physical injury.

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