December 2012 Rulings over Divorce in NJ sparked debate

In the Unites States about half of marriages end in divorce. In December 2012, after a decision made by Judge Paul X. Escandon in the case of a divorce, more than 40 women came to the Monmouth County courthouse to protest that the determination was biased against females in divorce cases. New Jersey residents have issued difference opinions on the issue. These opinions vary as to what is at stake for the court system and the judges who make these decisions to other opinions which hold that alimony laws are unfair to everyone, both men and women. Currently, New Jersey Alimony Reform is an organization of women and men which exists to provide educational resources to both legislators and the public. See full article.

New Jersey recognizes five types of alimony: temporary alimony, limited duration alimony, permanent alimony, rehabilitative alimony, and reimbursement alimony. Temporary alimony is allowed when there are low-earning or unemployed spouses to. A judge may award you limited duration alimony based on financial need until the spouse can become self-supporting. Permanent alimony is awarded after a long marriage if you gave up career or education opportunities to care for your family or advance your spouse’s education or career. Rehabilitative alimony is allowed when the requesting spouse submit to the court the steps to be taken for rehabilitation, the time frame, and a period of employment that will take place. Rehabilitative alimony helps a spouse to get financially stabilized and provides training and education so the spouse can become self-supporting. Finally, reimbursement alimony compensates a spouse who supported the other spouse throughout their advanced education. It is important to note that a court may award any combination of these orders. To understand more bout alimony and its obligations click here, and contact Mount Laurel matrimonial attorneys at Taylor and Boguski.

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