If you’ve been hurt on the job and need to apply for workers’ compensation benefits, but you’ve heard from others that it can be a complicated process and that most claims are denied. It’s true—employers and insurance companies have a vested interest in not paying workers’ compensation benefits and will look for every opportunity to reject your claim. That’s why it’s so important to hire the right attorney to handle your case. Here’s what you should seek in counsel.

Make Certain Your Lawyer Focuses on Workers’ Compensation

The workers’ compensation process has its own set of rules and if you don’t follow them, your claim can be denied or delayed. Don’t hire a general practitioner who may not be familiar with all the inner workings of the workers’ compensation system. Verify that your attorney has extensive experience handling workers’ compensation cases.

Make Certain You Hire an Experienced Trial Lawyer

The skills required of a trial attorney are different than those of a transactional lawyer. You want a lawyer who has skill and experience at oral argument, who can think and respond at the spur of the moment, and who is well-versed in the rules of trial procedure.

Make Certain Your Attorney Be Available and Accessible on a Regular Basis

You’ll have questions throughout the process and you need to know that your lawyer will respond to your calls or e-mails in a timely manner. Confirm that you’ll have direct access to the attorney, and won’t be dealing with a paralegal, secretary or inexperienced associate.

Know What Approach Will Your Attorney Take in Court

Some lawyers will aggressively advocate for you in every proceeding, while others prefer to negotiate an outcome that meets your needs. Be sure that your lawyer will take whatever approach is necessary to get the benefits you need.

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