Police detective in N.J. State in accident and charged for drinking and driving

In Trenton, NJ, State Police Detective Sgt. 1st Class Joseph P. Brennan who is 43 years-old, was charged with drunk driving after a car crash. It was reported that he drove his car off a road in Chatham Borough. The car crashed through a concrete wall and ended up on a large rock. The officer had been drinking after playing the bagpipes at a private birthday party. He is a member of the Pipes and Drums of the Blue and Gold which is a nonprofit bagpipe band. When police asked him if he had been drinking, he mumbled the word no. Nonetheless, he was charged with driving while intoxicated, reckless driving and refusal to submit to a breath test. The detective was suspended without pay which will remain pending until the outcome of the charges. No one was injured in the accident. Coverage on this news can be found here and here.

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